The Capital city of Germany and possibly one of the most popular destinations to visit for a ‘City Break’.


Berlin is steeped in history but also boasts designer shops, restaurants and bars so whether culture, art or music, in Berlin there is always something going on. There is plenty to see and do whatever your interests, in over 170 museums and art galleries, in 300 clubs and 7,000 bars and restaurants - many of which are open around the clock. Berlin is the German gourmet capital with many restaurants awarded with Michelin stars. There is a wide range of choices when looking for accommodation from budget hostels, to boutiques, and luxury hotels, you'll find lots of great places in Berlin. Definitely worth a visit.

Berlin Must Sees

The Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor)

The national symbol of the country and is one of the most visited landmarks in Germany and in Europe. Since its erection in 1791, the gate has served as a grand entrance to and as a partition of Berlin. Today, the gate remains one of the most popular and visited landmarks in Berlin, and is a symbol of the city.

Pariser Platz

At the base of Brandenburg Gate lies Pariser Platz, a popular city square. World War II destroyed all of the structures in Pariser Platz, which was once home to embassies, noblemen's homes, and the grandiose Hotel Adlon. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, buildings like the Liebermann House, Sommer House, and French and American embassies have sprung up in their place.


The traditional seat of the German Parliament and is the only parliamentary building in the world that features a public restaurant; Restaurant Kaefer. It is adorned with a modern glass dome, which offers not only a look into the parliamentary proceedings but panoramic views of the Berlin skyline.

Opening Hours:
Daily 8am-midnight
Lift to the glass dome: 8am-10pm
Admission: Free

Museum Island

Boasts not only five world-class museums but also the Berlin Cathedral which makes this a highlight of the cultural and historic side to the city. Situated on the River Spree these are a ‘must see’ whilst visiting Berlin.

East Side Gallery

The last piece of the original Berlin wall which has been turned into the largest open-air gallery in the world, displaying paintings by international artists.

Schloss Charlottenburg

This is Berlin's largest and arguably most beautiful palace. Built between 1695 and 1699 for Sophie Charlotte (wife of King Freidrich I of Prussia) and was extensively rebuilt after World War II due to damage that was caused.

Haus am Checkpoint Charlie Museum

The museum exhibits an extensive collection of real-life stories, propaganda and memorabilia from the time of Berlin's occupation and division by the Allied Forces. Checkpoint Charlie itself was a former border crossing point between the American and Soviet occupational zones (1945 - 1990). Replicas of the US Army patrol hut and entry/exit sign can be found on the site. The actual hut in use at the time of German reunification is in the Alliierten-Museum in the Zehlendorf district.

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