Isle of Man

A surprisingly beautiful island full of lush valleys, barren hills and rugged coastlines.

A perfect setting for walking, cycling, driving or just relaxing, this is a place that doggedly refuses to sell itself down the river of crass commercialism and mass tourism. Needless to say, if you want a slice of silence, be sure to avoid the TT motorbike races, every May and June which attracts around 50, 000 and turns the place into a high-rev bike fest. Home to the world’s oldest continuous parliament, the Isle of Man enjoys special status in Britain, and its annual parliamentary ceremony honours the thousand year history of the Tynwald (a Scandinavian word meaning ‘meeting field’). Douglas, the capital, is a run-down relic of Victorian tourism with fading B&Bs. The tailless Manx cat and the four-horned Loghtan sheep are unique to the Isle. A quirky interesting place to visit.

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