The Netherlands

There aren't many countries with so much land below sea level or indeed that are this flat.

There aren't many countries with so much water and wind, or so many boats, sails, bikes, birds, dykes, polders, windmills, flowers, fish, bridges, cafés, cheese. Simply put, there is no place like the Netherlands. Starting with popular Amsterdam, the capital of culture, coffee shops and canals, its mesmerising beauty is hard to overestimate, and yet a number of stunning cities are only hours, or even minutes, away by train. Haarlem, Groningen City, Rotterdam, Utrecht City, Den Haag, Leiden, Delft, Maastricht - the list seems endless, a mind-boggling concept considering the size of this small nation. Outside the cities, the Netherlands host a number of stunning national parks, sheep-patrolled polders which are perfectly complimented by shimmering lakes, sandy coastlines, and a chain of windswept islands. The best way of course is to view all this from the comfort of a bicycle seat – you won’t be disappointed!

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