Norway is, one of the most beautiful countries, but that beauty brings with it a responsibility that weighs heavily upon Norwegians.

Here is a nation with an enduring love for the natural world that is profoundly etched into their national character. In the past, this was expressed in the Norwegian tradition of isolated farmsteads that colonised the most secluded corners of the country’s wilderness. Increasingly, however, they are not able to change the movement of Norwegians towards the cities – cities that are themselves places of great beauty, such as Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger and Tromsø. The Wilderness in Norway has now become more of a leisure pursuit, an idea that Norwegians embrace, to escape to and explore the country’s national parks that are shining symbols of the nation’s desire to protect the environment as much as they are showpieces of Norway’s peerless landscapes and otherworldly natural grace. At the same time, Norwegians worry about their impact upon the environment, over the consequences of global warming for the country’s glaciers and Arctic ecosystems, and about Norway’s contributions to this decline and the decline of wilderness the world over due to their massive oil reserves and exports. An interesting and breathtakingly beautiful place to visit.

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